Sobriety Coaching:
Helping You From Rehab To Real Life

Have you recently completed addiction treatment? Now that you’ve gotten the help you needed for so long, are you wondering, “Now what?” or “How do I ‘do life’ now?” or “Why do I feel so stressed?” Perhaps you need help with answering the question, “What’s next in my life?” Maybe you’ve been out of treatment for a few months and find that life is now surprisingly difficult to manage. Are you struggling to make sense of life without alcohol or drugs – the very things that kept you in bondage for so long? Have you before and are now determined to keep that from happening again? Are you looking for that missing link that will keep you clean and sober for good this time? Are you wondering whether you can make it on your own after overcoming addiction? Are there new family problems that weren’t there when you were using? If you’ve answered “yes” to some of these questions, you could benefit from Sobriety Coaching.

Treatment Is Just The Beginning

My experience has shown that treatment is the beginning of the new life. There is a saying that, “treatment is discovery, A.A./N.A is recovery and then there’s life.” People need help with life after treatment.

“It was such a part of my life.”

“What do I do with my time?”

“How do I handle cravings?”

“My family doesn’t trust me.”

“So much of my time is taken up with after-care and meetings.”

It is common to hear these statements from folks newly out of treatment. Early in the recovery process you may face many problems: loneliness, work issues, relationship issues, cravings, depression, money problems and even sleep issues. I can help you to overcome those challenges. The truth is that successfully completing addiction treatment is an awesome accomplishment, but the real work begins once treatment ends. That is when you have to start navigating “the real world” for the first time without your steady “helpers” alcohol and drugs. After treatment you may be struggling with the new landscape of your life: after-care demands, 12-step groups, family expectations and work requirements – in a word, confusion. You may often feel like screaming, “Help, 24 hours in a day is not enough!” That’s when the addiction could knock on your mind’s door and start calling your name. You have to be prepared to overcome the proverbial “demon” that has wreaked havoc on your life for so long.

Getting To Your New Normal

For many years, alcohol and drugs were your normal. Now you need a “new normal” so you can live a new life. In order to find this new normal you will need guidance from someone who can integrate recovery with post treatment, 12 steps, spirituality questions, healthful living, life coaching as well as therapy and counseling. In short, the key to successfully beating addiction for good requires letting go of old ways of thinking and living and starting to think with a new mind. The trouble is that your old mind is still doing the thinking, you’re just not using. I can help you with this paradox. I can help you develop a new way of thinking so you can form a new life. Over the last 15 years, I have established myself as one of the leading Sobriety Coaches in the Minneapolis- St. Paul area.

Successfully beating your addiction is about more than just stopping the drinking or drugs. It’s also about more than attending support group meetings. Recovery is about learning how to live your life with a new mind free from alcohol and drugs and the old ways of thinking. I can help you develop a new mind – a new way at looking at life and living. With my help, you can learn to free yourself of the old mind – the old way of looking at life that kept your life chaotic for so long. With Sobriety Coaching you can learn how to face your issues and deal with everything from finances, to family and your relationships and work. My number one objective is to help you embrace a new way of thinking, which will result in a better way of living.

Self-esteem is also one of the big stumbling blocks in recovery. I can help you to improve how you view yourself and treat yourself. I can teach you how to handle life differently – from money and work to your health and relationships. I can prepare you for the moment when addiction knocks at your door again and tries to lure you back into the destructive cycle.

Transcending Challenges, Crafting Solutions

I can be your go-to person – someone who can instill hope and suggest practical actions. I will begin the process by getting a comprehensive snapshot of all that is going on in your life now. I will use that information to walk you through the upcoming challenges that you will likely face and help you develop a more skillful means of living. Together we can work on developing solutions that will address the problems either before they happen or before they escalate into more serious issues. Don’t you want to recover; I mean really recover from this disease?

With my help, you can experience a new life after addiction. Sobriety Coaching can be the beginning of that season in your life. Addiction can be a thing of the past. This is your chance to do things differently, even if it’s for the first time in your life. Through Sobriety Coaching, I can help you build a better life; one you’ve hoped for but didn’t know how to get.

But you may still have questions and concerns…

Q: I’ve worked with a therapist before, how is Sobriety Coaching different?

As a trained psychotherapist, I draw from a lot of different disciplines and years of professional experience with recovery. For example, I am able to incorporate my experience and knowledge of addiction recovery, depression, anxiety issues, sleep problems, relapse prevention, alcohol and drug treatment models, mindfulness, family therapy, hypnotism, A.A.’s 12 Steps, nutrition and exercise into a whole life approach to recovery. I can help you develop a new way of thinking with a new mind.

Traditional therapy typically deals with a specific issue, such as depression or marital conflict. Sobriety Coaching helps you to live a better life by acquiring a new outlook on life so that everything you do will be slightly different. This new mind approach is incorporated in a holistic focus on your life in recovery and your unique challenges as you transform your thinking. Stopping substance use is the beginning of recovery. Thinking differently is the second big step. I help you to find an alternative to addictive thinking and living. I can be your guide to a new life.

Q: I’m in Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, why would I need Sobriety Coaching?

Those organizations and the 12 Steps are very effective, and I fully support participation in those programs. However, the format is limited to peer group support. You need help in living. After completing treatment, you may be faced with making important decisions, but remain stuck into your old way of thinking. My Sobriety Coaching helps you address your issues with a new mind. I can also help you to experience better outcomes with A.A. or N.A. I can guide you to a better understanding the 12 Steps and make suggestions about selecting a sponsor who will help you through the recovery process. My goal is to help you see that your life is more than just the sum total of all you’ve done wrong in the past. My goal is to help you view life differently. There is life after treatment and a new life is possible in recovery.

Q: I struggle with the role of spirituality in my recovery process. Can you help with that?

Our focus together will be on change: repair and transformation. I can help you with spirituality issues and the 12 Steps. You may understand the words in the 12 Steps, but you may struggle with internalizing the meanings or relating them to daily life. I can even help with some of the difficulty you may have had with religion and spirituality in recovery. My goal is help you to look back at your disease one day and say, “I have a better life now.” I believe there is no end to the “better” that you can experience.

Q: Sobriety Coaching is expensive, I can’t afford it.

There is a financial cost involved in Sobriety Coaching, but the cost (or loss) of failing at recovery is even higher. Insurance pays for specific treatments, but not for life change. Recovery is about more than not using and has to be dealt with in a holistic manner for your benefit.

Getting off track from your path to recovery could ultimately cost you your spouse, your job, your family and your peace of mind. Investing in Sobriety Coaching is a real life application to the treatment you’ve received. Successfully navigating the recovery process can yield positive dividends for the rest of your life.

The road to recovery is one with lots of twists and turns. You need guidance to see it through. It’s hard to figure this out by yourself because it’s still the old mind without the drug or alcohol that is doing the thinking. I can help you learn how to think and live differently.

I’ve had so many clients and their family members come back to me and say…

“You’ve saved my life”
“You’ve taught me how to live life”
“I’m so grateful”
“You gave me my husband back”
“You saved my family”
“I never knew it could be so good”

New Mind, New Life

Working with me as your Sobriety Coach is a prep course for your new life. It’s not just about overcoming addiction; it’s about learning and enjoying a new life. I can lend a helping hand from rehab to real life. I invite you to take the next step toward the life that you deserve – the one you’ve fought so hard to have – and call my office for an appointment. I offer a 30-minute phone consultation where we can get to know each other better and ensure that we’re a good fit. Remember, there is no end to better.