Depression Treatment

Are You Feeling Hopeless, Overwhelmed And Sad?

Do you often feel like things just aren’t going right in your life, but you can’t quite pinpoint the exact problem? Are you having trouble eating or sleeping – too much or not enough? Has your libido changed or been low? Do you often feel lethargic or sluggish? Are you more cranky or angry lately? Perhaps you find it hard to relax. Or, maybe you’ve been avoiding spending time with others. Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the demands of your life? Have you been turning to alcohol or drugs for comfort or escape? Do you often feel hopeless – like a dark cloud is perpetually hanging overhead? Have you thought of running away or disappearing? Have you thought about suicide? Is life just getting to be too much? Do you have a “what’s the point” attitude? You may even be wondering, “Am I depressed?”

Depression Takes A Toll

Living with depression can be a frustrating and lonely experience. Over time, sleepless and restless nights, overwhelming feelings of sadness and isolating yourself from others ultimately takes a toll on your body, your mind and your life overall. After a while, it can negatively affect your work performance and diminish the quality of your relationships. You may feel like there is no way out of the destructive cycle that you’ve grown accustomed to, but there is. I provide depression treatment for adults and teenagers. I have been a licensed therapist for more than 16 years with depression recovery as one of my competencies.

Prior to establishing my own practice, West Lake Family Services, I spent many years in the corporate world working in finance and broadcasting, so I know the stresses of the business world. I’ve driven a truck, worked manual labor and worked in the restaurant/hospitality business. I’m a Vietnam veteran and have worked with vets. I know what divorce is. In short, I’ve lived a full life. I know what it’s like to feel stressed out, angry, distraught and like you’re not being heard.

Depression Is Very Common

You may feel like you are all alone – like no one else understands how you feel. The reality is that depression is much more common than you realize. Sometimes our life experiences just become too overwhelming. We just can’t handle it alone. For some people depression manifests itself through sleep problems and physical ailments, for others it presents as a desire to isolate or withdraw from people altogether. Regardless of how your symptoms occur, I can help you to work through difficult feelings and move towards solutions. Depression is depressing so let’s get you out of it!

I Want To Hear Your Story

My Wayzata, MN office provides a safe and comfortable space for depression treatment. There you can work through challenging life situations and emotions and air your frustrations and feelings so that you can move forward. I want to hear about your life – not just your present story - but also about your past. I want to know what finally motivated you to make the decision to pick up the “100-pound telephone” and call me. I won’t rush you; in fact our first session may last two hours so you can tell your story at your speed. This time is for you, so you can use as much or little time as you want or feel you need. I have worked with depression for years and was trained by some of the best therapists and teachers in the field. Working together, I can provide you with the tools that can help you approach life differently. I will teach you that you can have a hand on the volume control of depression. Right now it’s turned way up, but I can teach you how to bring it down.

A Holistic Approach To Depression – Treating The Whole Person

I believe in taking a holistic approach to depression treatment. Together we will work on a wellness plan that will help you – as a whole person – not just target the problems that you’ve been experiencing lately. Along with helping you sort through the thoughts and feelings that weigh heavily on you, I can help you develop a life program that results in you feeling better and healthier overall. It’s perfectly okay to seek outside support when you’re feeling overwhelmed and think you need depression treatment. Seeking help for depression is no different than going to the doctor for a physical ailment. I provide a safe container for you to unload your thoughts and fears. You can stop wallowing in the feelings that have been consuming your life. There is a way out. Seeking depression treatment not only makes sense, it’s also a very responsible and proactive thing to do. It’s proactive because you are going to take steps toward living a better life. As we work together to change this now, you will be able to get on with your life. I can help set you on the pathway to a more fulfilling life. Life can be better and more enjoyable. Fun is allowed!

But you may still have concerns about depression treatment. . .

I’m afraid that I’ll have to take medication.

Medication is often a good start for taking the edge off what could be a painful or serious situation. It’s a bridge to wellness. I don’t believe that medication is the entire answer to addressing your problems because it will not teach you new ways of dealing with life – new behaviors. I believe in action-based therapy; that with some hard work and patience you can get to the root of your issues and learn new ways of living. I believe that you can develop the power to manage the painful thoughts and feelings that occupy your mind and that you no longer have to be controlled by them. I can teach you how to slow down the “merry-go-round of thoughts” that race around in your head. You can begin to feel better about yourself and life in general.

What if I need more than just talking in my sessions?

I also offer clinical hypnosis, a process that can help you relax and focus better. I can teach you how to calm yourself in moments when you feel highly stressed or overwhelmed. Working together, I can teach you how to act in your own best interest, instead of getting swept away in all of the commotion that has been weighing you down.

I have a busy life. I don’t have time for therapy.

I don’t know if you can afford to be too busy for wellness. Unfortunately, depression begets more depression. I will work to accommodate your schedule. I offer flexible hours and also work evenings. We can develop a customized schedule that works for you and your life. I am committed to helping meet your needs in overcoming depression.

Depression Treatment Is The answer

You’re in a kind of self-induced haze right now. Things may feel hopeless, but with us working together your situation can look a lot better a few months down the line. You can come through this and look back at where you used to be and feel good again. I invite you to take the first step and call my office for an appointment. I also offer a free phone introduction and consultation. We will work together on ways for you to experience life differently – better. I can help you cope and feel more optimistic. I can help put a stop to the frustrating, downer ride that you’ve been on. It’s time to get up and off of depression and begin enjoying life.