Positive Psychology emphasizes movement toward higher functioning rather than focusing on illness and what’s wrong, and helps you to create conditions where you are more fulfilled, engaged and happy. By encouraging you to ask “What do I want?” and helping you find and use your strengths, positive psychology helps you look toward engagement, meaning, and pleasure in life.

How does Positive Psychology change and improve your life?

  • Gives you the means of defining and living your life with passion and purpose.
  • Gives you energy, vitality and uplifted mood.
  • Gives you proven methods to help you fulfill your life’s desires and to get the things you have always wanted.
  • It is solution focused.

Why is it different from typical psychology?

Positive Psychology is future and empowerment based. Much of regular psychology can be past and illness oriented, focusing on the negative. Mommy-daddy stories and history are important and to be respected but their constant rehashing can be a form of captivity. Positive Psychology moves you up and out of that environment and mindset.

Dean's Approach

Let’s face it: people who are functioning and self-directed or need guidance don’t want to wait for weeks for results or to wait in lobbies for appointments.

For good reason, many professionals seek guidance but prefer not to go to their health plans. They want immediate attention in an environment that is not illness/mental-health-oriented but rather encompasses their individual emotional and life needs. And they don't want records of their issues floating around in the electronic atmosphere.

Dean’s approach respects those who desire a high level of privacy and confidentiality with a mentor who has experienced and understands the life events they are going through and is able to see the larger life picture. It is discreet and arranged to meet the individual's time needs. Time constraints can be waived and sessions are expanded as needed by the mentoring process and are not cut off at some arbitrary point to meet the counselor's schedule or the insurer’s format. The personalized attention is conducive to rapid progress and change.